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Dakine Harness Lines

Dakine Harness Lines


  • $29.00

    Dakine Lines

    The evolution of the original. Knotted at both ends the Dakine Lines give you the ability to customize your lines length from ridiculously long to hard to find minuscule lengths. Keeping the plastic tubing overlapped with the webbing also means rigidity is nearly that of a fixed length line. Perfect for beginners who don't know their harness line length yet, or those who want a size they can't easily find off the shelf.


    • 8-Plait pre-stretched FSE Robline rope
    • High-density polyurethane tubing
    • Non-slip boom pads
    • Knotted connection and trim to fit tubing allows for custom lengths
    • With customization ranges from 18"-34"
    • Easy part replacement

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