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Dakine Comp Adjustable Lines


  • $56.00

Dakine Comp Adjustable Harness Lines

The Dakine Comp lines are the cleanest on-the-fly adjustable harness lines you'll find. The well shaped T handle makes it easy to adjust the line and then cleat at the perfect length. For race lines they hold their shape well making them a great choice for recreational riders as well as racers. The marine grade stainless steel jam cleat is also more tolerant to salt water than other metal buckled adjustment systems.


  • 8-Plait pre-stretched FSE Robline rope
  • Quick smooth on the fly adjustment
  • Marine grade stainless steel cleat
  • High-density polyurethane tubing
  • Unique rope pull handle 
  • Non-slip boom pads
  • Trim-able tubing, and one knotted end, allows for customized lengths

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