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Dakine Tyrant

Dakine Tyrant


  • $26.00

    Dakine Tyrant Footstrap

    The Tyrant takes the standard Primo and makes it wider for more coverage of your foot. If you've got big feet, or you don't feel your standard strap connects you the way it should, these are for you. The incredibly stretchy Neoprene cover allows for the strap to made huge without any compression. They can be placed anywhere, but for boards that only use 3 straps we've had a lot of positive response when people run Primo's in the front and then the Tyrant as the back strap.


    • Wide full foot coverage
    • Works really well as a rear strap
    • Pre-formed arch prevents collapsing
    • 7mm Neoprene padding
    • Internal adjustment system
    • Production board hole pattern

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