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Severne Freek 2016


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FREEK - Freestyle

The Delta Quick Review: Spending time in Bonaire you get to meet a lot of the top PWA freestyle sailors. One of the brightest both on the water and off is Dieter Van Der Eyken. Deiter was the Freestyle World Champion from 2015 and is a big part of the Severne design team. Chatting with him about his Severne Freek, and the testing that goes into it, he made it very clear that it's no accident that his beloved freestyle sail is also loved by regular back and forth windsurfers... even those who have can't tell the difference between any of Dieter's ridiculous moves let alone come close to naming them.

In testing the Freek, Dieter and the team first push the design to the limits of what they want for their own sailing. Many brands would call the sail done at this point, but with the Freek they then take the design and put it through it's paces without a single spinny flippy trick being done. When they come up with a sail that feels just as good going back and forth as it does for tricks then the design goes into production.

This is why the Freek is still a 5 batten sail. In their test process they found that too much "normal" performance was taken away while loosing a batten, and the freestyle riders did feel like the extra batten hurt them. So whether you are working on your first Pasko, or your first water start, the Freek is designed for you.

Who's Deiter Van Der Eyken? Here's a video of this past winter in Bonaire with himself and PWA vice champion Amado -


Manfacturer's Info:

Dedicated freestyle performance.  The 016 Freek is designed to give maximum lift, stability and easy ducking.  Higher aspect ratios improve lift.  The 5-batten layout means more stability and wind-range, and by utilising our high-tech materials technology actually weighs less than most of the 4-batten sails.

Dedicated freestylers will rig the sail with less downhaul with a tighter head for maximum lift,
freestyle wave riders may use more downhaul for more control in a wider range of conditions.
The 016 Freek gives maximum freestyle performance.

3.6 368 146 5 2.6 ADJ SEVERNE 370 Wave
4.0 376 151 5 2.7 FIXED SEVERNE 370 Wave
4.4 393 156 5 2.9 FIXED SEVERNE 370 Wave
4.8 411 161 5 3.0 FIXED SEVERNE 400 Wave
5.2 426 168 5 3.1 FIXED SEVERNE 400 Wave
5.6 432 176 5 3.3 FIXED SEVERNE 430 Wave
5.9 450 180 5 3.4 FIXED SEVERNE 430 Wave
6.3 460 184 5 3.5 FIXED SEVERNE 430 Wave

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