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Goya Bounce 2017 3.8


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Bounce Pro - Freestyle 4 Batten

The Delta Quick Review: Goya calls the Bounce a "dedicated technical freestyle" sail. What we'd call it is a dedicated windsurfing sail that you can do technical freestyle with. Unlike a lot of freestyle sails the Bounce uses scrim cloth in the body of the sail, as well as below the boom. This makes it a much longer lasting sail, and with that criteria added you can push yourself into spinny flippy freestyle tricks, or just use the awesome performance to cruise back and forth. Like most Goya's you can alter the sail quite a bit through tuning, and it's with this ability that you can go from technical freestyle sail to sweet bump-and-jumper. Downhauled to the recommended setting, with a good amount of twist in the head, the sail absorbs both gusts and chop for a stable reliable pull. Like you'd expect from a freestyle sail anything involving the board turning also feels great in this setting as the sail is light and goes neutral in an instant. Loosing the downhaul tension to tighten the leech puts the pull higher in the sail giving you extra pop and torque to huck yourself into shove-its, loops, konos and whatever else you've got. 

Manufacturer's Info:


The new Bounce is the perfected sail for dedicated technical freestyle windsurfing.

Light weight, instantaneous yet flexible lifting power, stable draft for easy control, high cut foot and raised clew for duck tricks- these are the defining features of a modern technical freestyle windsurfing sail.

The Scrim material used in the main panels offers super strong durability, super light weight and a supple and alive feel. Woven Dacron luff panels, CSC™ Carbon Stretch Control, TCR™ Titanium Clew Ring, RSS™ Rip Stop Sleeve and the MTF™ Molded Tack Fairing round off the peak quality package. Sleeve cut treatments as well as tack and foot reinforcements are now folded to increase durability and prevent edge fraying. A scalloped upper leech reinforcement prevents breakdown of the leech from fluttering in strong wind conditions.

The Bounce comes with a 5mil Monofilm window, offering crystal clear optics, light weight and a crisp direct feel. The Bounce pairs with Freestyle boards and matches best with the Air Freestyle.

Recommended freestyle mast 99 Pro.
Optional flatwater and bump & jump mast 70 Pro.

Available in green.

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