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6mm stainless fin screw

6mm Stainless Steel Fin Screw


  • $1.50

  • High grade stainless steel
  • Philips head
  • 6mm thread has become the standard for most modern fins
  • Nearly all power box fins are 6mm thread regardless of manufacturer
  • Nearly all thru-hull fins that come stock with production boards are 6mm thread, including Tuttle box fins
  • Common lengths:
  • 30mm - Most common for production boards with a Tuttle box and countersunk holes for the screws ie. Starboard, Patrik
  • 45mm - Most common length for boards with a Power box
  • 50mm - Can provide a touch of extra security on power box fins that only get a few turns on a 45mm length
  • Call for availability of other lengths
  • Rubber washer and Stainless washer sold separately

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