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Aeron Slim / Race Carbon Boom


  • $670.00

Aeron's Carbon boom offers the highest performance and comfort on the market.

The smaller sized Slim booms have the thinnest grip diameter on the market.

The Race is thick where it needs to be for increased stiffness yet is only 26mm in the area where your hands are placed. This gives you both incredible performance and comfort.

The wide profile tails not only introduces a new “look” but more importantly, increases rig control and minimizes over sheeting.

 Range Grip Diameter Weight Inside Width
140 - 190 cm 24.5 mm 5.47 lbs 38.1 cm
150 - 200 cm 24.5 mm 5.58 lbs 38.1 cm
175 - 225 cm 26 mm 7.28 lbs 50 cm
200 - 250 cm 26mm 7.71 lbs 53.9 cm


  • Pre-preg Carbon boom
  • Slim 24.5 mm boom Grip on the Slim (slimmest in the industry)
  • Tapered 26mm Grip in the front, with stiffer thick rear section on the Race
  • New Carbon rear boom end with bumper pads on Slim
  • Unique No-Jam tail Stainless Cleat on Slim
  • Multi-roller cleat on the Race lets you easily upgrade to an adjustable outhaul.
  • Improved Front Boom End with large bearing surface area
  • Twin Pin adjustment clips
  • Removable RDM shim (included)