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Aeron Slim Carbon


  • $670.00

Aeron Slim Carbon

The Delta Quick Review: It's not too often that people gush over a boom. Usually they're just one of the overlooked parts that helps hold your rig together. The Aeron Slim is different. It's bend is perfect. The adjusters work smoothly. The tail piece is marked with actual dimensions. There's pads on the tail and embroidered lettering to protect the boom from abrasion. The loop-and-go tail cleat is slick and simple. There's no need for an RDM shim to clamp the boom on a skinny... and in 2 seconds it's ready to go on a fat mast as well. All this and we haven't even mentioned that the grip is the smallest you'll find. We hear some that say the diameter doesn't matter, but to us it seems like if the grip is skinnier your whole rig just feels lighter. We love the thin grip and now anything else just feels heavy and clunky. With the thin tubing the Aeron Slim is not the stiffest boom you'll find, but for the size sails that fit 200cm and down it doesn't really seem to be a problem unless you're racing. Also take note that the newer booms actually compress 4cm smaller than the older version even though Aeron hasn't changed the names of the boom yet.

Manufacturer's Info:

Aeron's Carbon boom offers the highest performance and comfort on the market.

The smaller sized Slim booms have the thinnest grip diameter on the market.

Range Grip Diameter Weight Inside Width
136 - 190 cm 24.5 mm 5.47 lbs 38.1 cm
146 - 200 cm 24.5 mm 5.58 lbs 38.1 cm



  • Pre-preg Carbon boom
  • Slim 24.5 mm boom Grip on the Slim (slimmest in the industry)
  • New Carbon rear boom end with bumper pads on Slim
  • Unique No-Jam tail Stainless Cleat on Slim
  • Twin Pin adjustment clips
  • Removable RDM shim (included)


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