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Aeron Race Carbon Boom


  • $750.00

Aeron Race Carbon

The Delta Quick Review: We love Chinook's carbon booms for their comfort, light-weight and ease of use, but if you're really looking to load up your rig you need more stiffness. The Aeron Carbon Race booms have that stiffness, and they do it at a competitive price.

Like most true race booms it has a tapered grip that gives you a comfortable place up front for your hands, and a thicker rear section creates the stiffness. Ample width lets you bag out sails downwind, but isn't so wide that you lose all feeling of the sail. All the little details on the Aeron are well thought out as well. The boom clips are durable and work as they are supposed to. The tail piece has numerous rollers for single, or double sided, adjustable outhauls, and it still works well for a regular outhaul. The front-end clamp is easy to use, won't slip, and is easily changed to work on a fat or skinny mast. The front-end doesn't necessarily match the stiffness of the rest of the boom, but it's easy to upgrade to a Streamlined should you feel the need.

The negative to any race boom with this much stiffness is that there's gong to be a bit of a weight penalty. For a recreational rider who just wants to cruise on a big sail in lighter winds, the extra weight makes the big sail that much more cumbersome. But for racing, or pushing personal speed limits, a softer boom will let the sail overpower you when need help the most making a stiff boom a must.

Manufacturer's Info:

Aeron's Carbon boom offers the highest performance and comfort on the market.

The Race is thick where it needs to be for increased stiffness yet is only 26mm in the area where your hands are placed. This gives you both incredible performance and comfort.

The wide profile tails not only introduces a new “look” but more importantly, increases rig control and minimizes over sheeting.

Range Grip Diameter Weight Inside Width
175 - 225 cm 26 mm 7.28 lbs 50 cm
200 - 250 cm 26mm 7.71 lbs 53.9 cm



  • Pre-preg Carbon boom
  • Tapered 26mm Grip in the front, with stiffer thick rear section on the Race
  • Multi-roller cleat on the Race lets you easily upgrade to an adjustable outhaul.
  • Improved Front Boom End with large bearing surface area
  • Twin Pin adjustment clips
  • Removable RDM shim (included)