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Aeron V-Grip Carbon Boom


  • $719.00

For those who have become addicted to the V Grip shape, there is now a carbon version – reduced weight with maximum stiffness – complete with the new wide profile tail and stainless rope cleat.

Start by making a fist, or bending your fingers to replicate gripping a boom.  You’ll notice that inside your knuckles, or through to the palm of your clenched fist, the shape is closer to a “V” than a semi-circle.  Aeron’s development team discovered this shape on the inside of the boom not only feels more comfortable, it also reduced “over-gripping” of the boom that can lead to forearm cramps during long sessions.

 Range Grip Diameter Weight Inside Width
160 - 210 cm 26 mm 6.02 lbs 43.3 cm
180 - 230 cm 26 mm 7.21 lbs 50.5 cm


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