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Chinook Inflatable Windsurfable SUP


  • $1,079.00

Chinook's Inflatable SUP's are the ultimate do everything boards. Anyone looking for a Stand Up Paddle board or entry-level windsurfing board will find it hard to beat Chinook's features and performance. Most important is that being an inflatable it overcomes one of the biggest hurdles new paddlers and windsurfer face, transporting the board to the beach and finding a place for storage while not in use. Chinook inflatable's include a wheeled carrying bag and huge 2-way high pressure pump to make set up and care incredibly easy.

As paddle board, the Custom Heavy Duty Seam Construction and slight negative rocker give these boards impressive stiffness and efficient paddling. The fact that there is a cargo net and a fitting to mount a windsurfing rig gives the Chinook Inflatable's versatility that othes cannot match.

  • Includes:
  • Windsurfing Insert
  • Cargo Net
  • Coil Leash
  • Fin
  • 2-way High Pressure Pump
  • Deluxe Roller Bag Backpack
  • Repair Kit


  • 10'6" All Around Air - This may be Chinook's smallest model, but it still has 240L of volume and a 32" width so it cannot be considered a small board. It's biggest advantage over it's longer sibbings is that the shorter length makes it more maneuverable. As a paddler this means it's more fun for kid's and those looking to stay in a small area rather than cruise and explore. As a windsurfer the maneuverability means that it is easy to turn and will be more responsive to steering input from smaller sails.
Length Width Thickness Pressure Volume Weight
10'6' 32" 5" 15-20psi 240L 26 lbs


  • 11' All Around Air - If you need a touch more float than the 10'6" or want a little more straight line paddling performance the 11" All Around is the board to choose.
Length Width Thickness Pressure Volume Weight
11'0" 32" 5" 15-20psi 255L 29 lbs


  • 11'6" All Around Air - At 33.5" wide the 11'6" is for those looking for the most stable of platforms. Whether you need the stability for a larger paddler or to make learning to windsurf as easy as possible the 11'6" the will get you going. For those concerned about staying upwind windsurfing or wanting even more stability while paddling the 11'6" can be bought with an additional center fin option as well.
Length Width Thickness Pressure Volume Weight
11'6" 33.5" 5" 15-20psi 275L 31 lbs
  • 11'6" Race Touring Air - This is the board to hook smaller riders on stand up paddleboarding. The efficient outline makes the board more directional and gives impressive glide across the water. This means greater distances with less effort so going to that part of the bay you've never been to before suddenly seems possible.
Length Width Thickness Pressure Volume Weight
11'6" 30" 5" 15-20psi 235L 26 lbs


  • 12'6" Race Touring Air - The most efficient paddling board in the Chinook line-up is also the best board for cruising as a windsurfer. With 320L of volume staying afloat over chop is of no concern and the long water line provides incredible tracking to keep you paddling straight and also lets you motor upwind with ease.
Length Width Thickness Pressure Volume Weight
12'6" 31" 6" 15-20psi 320L 29.5 lbs