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Dakine Core Contour System

Dakine Core Contour System


  • $88.00

Dakine Core Contour Footstrap System

The Delta Quick Review: Others have tried to copy the form fitting Core Contour Footstrap but none have been able to recreate Dakine's magic. With the asymmetrical shape they truly contour to the shape of your foot. The front straps offset ends result in a slope that hugs the top of your foot, while the rear is shaped to allow more coverage across the flat part of your foot. The included Twist Control System helps keep straps in place and is more durable than other retention systems. Some are put off by the lack of velcro for adjustment, but once sized perfectly to your foot you won't have to worry about "friends" messing with things if they try your board.

Tip: Due to the thinner construction try using an insert hole (in your board) that pinches the straps by 1/2" - 1" (1-2cm) compared to your old straps. This will keep contact on the side of your foot as well as the top.


  • Directional design contours to the shape of your foot
  • Single and double insert compatibility
  • Includes Twist Control System
  • Single Rear Footstrap
  • Note: Due to the thin construction of the Core footstraps it's a good idea to check the depth of the inserts in your board to make sure your footstrap screws do not bottom out in the insert and damage the plastic

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