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Dakine Neo Womens Boyshort


  • $45.00

Dakine Neo Womens Boyshort - 1mm

1MM Neoprene is the most flexible and comfortable combination of neoprene foam and jersey available. These Boyshorts are constructed utilizing materials focused on warmth and flexibility with an overall flattering fit, and we use a solvent-free laminate to bond the jersey to the neoprene, which is a safer and healthier alternative for the people building the shorts, and for the environment. We've even got you covered with a built-in waist adjuster so you don't get pantsed in the surf. Pair the 1MM Neo Boyshort with our women's line of surf tops and rashguards to complete your warm water wardrobe.


  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • 1mm neoprene, most flexible combination of neoprene foam and jersey available
  • Waist adjuster
  • Flatlock seams allow for durable seams without sacrificing flexibility

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