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Exocet Nano


  • $1,199.00

Exocet Nano

The Delta Quick Review: What? A new board for a little over a $1000? What's the catch, right? Believe it or not for most intermediate riders there's no catch at all. The Nano's are some of Exocet's previous performance models build a lower end AST construction. In the case of the 115L and 135L Nano you are getting the previous model of Exocet's well established and popular S-Cross. This means there's really no drawback with the shape at all. So the lower price has to be balanced by the construction. There are some downside's to the less expensive AST construction in that the board is about 1kg heavier than the Silver S-Cross, and the plastic skin results in a board that is not quite as stiff. These things make for a board that won't plane up quite as quickly, but the skin is more durable during crashes and the softness actually helps make the ride a bit smoother. For learning to get into the straps these things are probably pluses, so you all you're doing by buying a Nano is saving some cash.

Manufacturer's Info:

Durability and Performance Freeride

  • Ideal in flat water freeride conditions
  • Early planing ability
  • Board suitable for all, from beginner to expert
  • DDSA (Double density shock absorber)
  • Includes: Footstraps(4), Power Box Fin, Hardware


Model NANO 115 NANO 135  
Volume 115 litres 135 litres  
Length 245 cm 250 cm  
Width 68 cm 78 cm  
Weight 8.6 kg (+/-6%) 9.7 kg (+/-6%)  
Fin Exocet Freeride 40 cm
Power Box
Exocet Freeride 46 cm
Power Box
Sail Range
4.5 – 8.0 m2 5.0 – 9.0 m2