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Exocet WindSUP


  • $1,499.00

Exocet WindSUP

The Delta Quick Review: When we first saw the start of the Stand-up Paddle craze take off, all we could think about was how cool it would be to mount sails on these boards. Exocet was one of the first to bring this dream to reality, and in their WindSUP line they're maximizing your ability to get the most out a session regardless of the motor.

The 9'2" is the hardcore SUP for the wave's. At 130L this is no beginner board, but it's width gives it reasonable stability and for accomplished windsurfers is actually enough float for all but the lightest winds. As a paddler you've got to be on your game and be comfortable paddling in a surf stance most of the time.

The 10'2" is the most versatile board, being wide enough to be paddled with ease and plenty of float for windsurfing. The mid-length has a reasonable amount of glide, but it can still be turned fairly easily. It can even be put to use as a beginner windsurfing board for those 150L and less.

Lastly the 11'8" gives you the security and performance of a daggerboard. For paddling the daggerboard can actually add significant stability, but you can also remove it without causing turbulence as the rubber gasket keeps things flowing smoothly. With a sail you've now got stability for larger riders to learn windsurfing, and for advanced riders you've got a waterline that loves to be railed upwind bringing you back to the One Design days.

Manufacturer's Info:


  • Ideal SUP and Windsurf as a first approach in the waves
  • Also ideal SUP cruising and freeride windsurfing
  • Available in multiple sizes and constructions


  • Carry handle
  • Leach plug
  • 1 CNC G10 center fin
  • FCS Twin fins
  • 3/4 deck pad