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Exocet X-Move 2016

Exocet X-Move 2016


  • $1,750.00

Exocet X-Move

The Delta Quick Review: A lot of our local sailors have been considered wind snob by those from less windy parts of the country.  Not very many Delta sailors own boards bigger than 105L and disregard the thought of riding anything bigger. In defense of our locals, until recently is was really hard to get excited about  going from your normal freestyle wave to a big clunky feeling freeride board. These boards just didn't offer much similarity to the thrills that the smaller boards have. Well that began to change with the introduction of the original Exocet X-Cross, and it's successor the X-Move. With a rider position and maneuverability that feels a lot like a freestyle wave the X-Move is making people realize lighter wind days can be a lot off.

This is by far the best gybing big board we have ever sailed. And yes with all that width it will plane in way less wind that you'd think. New for 2017 is the new "Torro Tail" cut-outs that reduce wetted surface for more speed without taking anything away from the carving ability.


Manufacturer's Info:

High Speed Freeride

  • Ideal in flat water freeride conditions
  • Early planing in all conditions
  • Board for all wind conditions and smooth through choppy conditions
  • Easy to maneuver despite its width
  • Has a jibe that mimics a true freestyle-wave style board
  • Very fast in a straight line, able to compete against slalom boards
  • DDSA (Double density shock absorber)
  • Available in Regular ("Silver") 
  • Call for Carbon ("Pro") construction availability


VOLUME 108 litres 119 litres 138 litres
LENGTH 235 cm 239 cm 239 cm
WIDTH 69 cm 75 cm 80 cm
WEIGHT 7.7 kg (+/-6%) 8.3 kg (+/-6%) 8.9 kg (+/-6%)
FIN Exocet Xmove 34 cm
Tuttle Box Exocet
Exocet Xmove 38 cm
Tuttle Box Exocet
Exocet Xmove 40 cm
Tuttle Box Exocet
SAIL 4.2 – 8.0 m2 4.5 – 8.4 m2 5.8 – 9.0 m2


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