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2017 Exocet Cross Silver


  • $1,359.20
  • Save $339

The Perfect Bump and Jump Setup 

  • Just as good in choppy, strong wind conditions as flat water freeride conditions
  • Slight Vee on the bottom and straight rocker line for early planing
  • Versatile board for all wind conditions, fast and comfortable
  • Compared to other Freestyle Wave's the Cross in incredibly easy to ride and will immediately make you a more consistent sailor.
  • One of the fastest and smoothest in the category, with a jibe that carries speed through the entire turn.
  • DDSA (Double density shock absorber)
  • Available in Regular ("Silver")
  • Call for Carbon construction availability
  • Includes fin and footstraps
  • Made in the same factory with a construction that compares with more expensive brands
VOLUME 84 litres 94 litres 104 litres 114 litres
LENGTH 235 cm 240 cm 245 cm 243 cm
WIDTH 57 cm 60.5 cm 63 cm 67 cm
WEIGHT 6.5 kg (+/-6%) 6.9 kg (+/-6%) 7.2 kg (+/-6%) 7.6 kg (+/-6%)
FIN Exocet Cross 28 cm
Power Box G10
Exocet Cross 30 cm
Power Box G10
Exocet Cross 32 cm
Power Box G10
Exocet Cross 36 cm
Power Box G10
SAIL 3.3 – 6.0 m2 4.0 – 6.8 m2 4.5 – 7.5 m2 4.7 – 8.0 m2


The Cross is one of our best selling boards for good reason. The price is well below that of other brands and the Cross is an incredibly fun board to sail. The Silver construction is about $300 less than the standard constructions from brands like Fanatic, JP and Starboard and it's built in the exact same factory; by the same workers; using the same construction process and for the most part the same materials. That wouldn't matter if the shapes sucked, but the Cross is an incredibly fun board that has speed to burn, planes well through gybes and takes little effort to get the most from. We usually steer intermediate bump and jump riders towards the Cross, but the unique DDSA (Dual Density Shock Absorber) deck pads do their job so well that many of our customers won't even look at other brands. That's how good the softness of these pads feel.

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