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Ezzy Elite 4.2 2017


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Ezzy Elite - 4 Batten Wave

The Delta Quick Review: The Elite has become the pinnacle of Ezzy design with it being the only model to be updated every year.

Over the last few years the Elite has also taken over from Ezzy's 5 batten models, like the Zeta and TIger, to become our best selling sail. It has Ezzy's trademark, deep seam-shaping, to keep the foil rigid and provide power and stability all at once. Yet with only four battens, the extensive use of high tech materials, and a draft placed well forward in the sail the Elite has a light manageable feel. Lighter than you'd ever expect for how well built the sail is, and how much power it can generate.

The downside of seam-shaping is a slightly more noticeable rotation than flatter designs. Yet for riders who fall in love with Ezzy's they see the extra power seam-shaping gives you through gybes, and bottom-turns as a worthwhile trade off. Looking at riders like Graham Ezzy and Kevin Pritchard, it's obvious that once you are comfortable on the sail there's no limit to what it's capable of.

2017 sees the rotation become less noticeable with the addition of a Dacron luff panel that softens up the sail. As a bonus the Dacron luff panel also makes rigging a bit more simple, as when inserting the mast the sail can now fold in the boom area without damaging the cloth.


Manufacturer's Info:

Every year, for over 30 years, David Ezzy worries about what he can do to improve his sails. He describes sail design as crawling around a pitch black room, trying to figure out what the furniture looks like - a painfully slow process, requiring patience and science.

For 2017, the Elite has gone through some fundamental improvements. The new sail inspires us to sail better and to rig up quicker to get more time on the water. The new luff panel makes the Elite more maneuverable without sacrificing overall performance. The biggest change though, is perhaps the new construction process, with makes the Elite feel lighter, allowing it to plane more quickly.

The Elite's philosophy is to be the perfect all-around sail - we use the Elite for flatwater fun to bump-n-jump to high-performance onshore to radical down-the-line. It's our go-to sail, so we need it to be easy. The wide wind range allows us to carry fewer sails which makes packing the car less of a headache. And the calibrated rigging system means we can have perfectly accurate tuning in seconds so we can spend less time rigging and more time on the water.


***Please Call for specific color requests.***


Ezzy Elite Sail Luff Boom Boom No. of Ezzy Mast Base Weight
Size (sq.m.) Med Min Max Battens Base/Top Extension Kg
2.7 coming soon coming soon coming soon coming soon 315/340 coming soon coming soon
3.0 337 131 140 4 315/340 24 cm coming soon
3.4 349 135 144 4 340/340 12 cm coming soon
3.8 362 140 149 4 340/370 10 cm coming soon
4.0 371 143 152 4 370/370 6 cm coming soon
4.2 377 146 155 4 370/370 10 cm coming soon
4.5 389 150 160 4 370/400 6 cm coming soon
4.7 398 154 164 4 370/400 16 cm coming soon
5.0 410 158 168 4 400/400 12 cm coming soon
5.3 422 163 173 4 400/400 24 cm coming soon
5.7 434 169 179 4 400/430 22 cm coming soon
6.1 447 173 184 4 430/430 20 cm coming soon

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