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Ezzy Zeta


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Zeta - 5 Batten

The Delta Quick Review: Even though there is a new (old) name on Ezzy's 5 batten sail, you can clearly trace back it's evolution all the way to the 2001 Special Edition. That sail was a revelation at the time, with an unprecedented wind range for a wave sail. It was one of the first to really establish the use of wave sails for higher winds even when there was not a wave in sight.

In the 16 years since that ground breaking model there have been a few big stepping stones. In 2007 a higher outhaul tension system was added, which admittedly confused people at first, but has lead to Ezzy's feeling much lighter on the water. In 2009 the Technora sail cloth was introduced and once again in dramatically lightened the sail. In 2013 the ingenious Calibrated Downhaul System was added, finally taking the guess work out of how to properly tune a sail. In 2017, along with a new name, and a Dacron luff panel.

This Dacron luff panel gives the Zeta a softness in rotation, as well as feel, that makes it a significant step forward in it's evolution. All the wind range, ease of tuning and incredible build quality that you'd expect of an Ezzy is still there. Now the sail is just that little bit more responsive in a straight line, and smoother in transitions.

For 2018 the size range has been increased allowing you to put together the perfect jumps for your particular needs!

Manufacturer's Info:

Since launching the five batten Zeta last year, it instantly became a favorite among Ezzy sailors. The Zeta’s appeal comes from its wide diversity of use. Whether in the waves, bump’n’jump, or freeride, the Zeta does it all. David Ezzy set out to solve the 5-batten puzzle: how to make a 5 batten wave sail feel “alive” and not “stiff ”. Instead of tweaking our previous 5-batten sail, the Tiger, David worked on turning our 3-batten Taka into a 5-batten sail.
The new Zeta keeps the lightness and easy feel of the Taka but adds 5-batten stability and responsiveness. The scrim luff panel keeps the Zeta’s power easy to control. The new Zeta is equally at home on a wave at Hookipa or
screaming across the San Francisco Bay on a windy afternoon.
The Zeta features our calibrated rigging system which means you can rig your sail exactly the same way David does. Just down-haul until the line on the gauge lines up with the bottom of your mast and you are ready to sail.
To insure our quality, we make the Zeta in our own factory. And like every Ezzy  sail, the Zeta is rigged, calibrated, and thoroughly checked before it goes in the bag and out the door.
The Zeta is a great choice if you are looking for an all-around wave or flatwater sail.

Ezzy Zeta Presentation Video -

Ezzy Zeta In Action -

Ezzy Zeta Rigging Video -


"To condense our thoughts, we can say that it is a sail which it is a pleasure to go windsurfing with. If possible, this sail's response is even more neutral than that of other Ezzy models (Tiger/Elite), which is also legendary. Indeed, this sail gives a great feeling of lightness and maneuverability in your hands, and it is powerful, never being tiring." - Waterwind, it.
 ***Please call for specific color requests.***
Ezzy Zeta Wave Sail Luff Boom Boom No. of Ezzy Mast Base Weight
Size (sq.m.) Med Min Max Battens Base/Top Extension Kg
3.7 359 139 148 5 340/370 6-8 cm 2.87 Kgs.
4.0 369 143 152 5 370/370 8 cm 2.98 Kgs.
4.2 379 148 157 5 370/370 10-12 cm 3.05 Kgs.
4.5 390 152 161 5 370/400 6-8 cm 3.17 Kgs.
4.7 402 156 165 5 370/400 18-20 cm 3.24 Kgs.
5.0 414 156 166 5 400/400 14-18 cm 3.33 Kgs.
5.2 420 160 170 5 400/400 20-24 cm 3.46 Kgs.
5.5 432 165 175 5 400/430 18-20 cm 3.56 Kgs.
5.8 440 169 179 5 430/430 10-14 cm 3.64 Kgs.
6.4 454 179 189 5 430/430 24-28 cm 3.84 Kgs.
6.8 477 181 190 5 460/460 18-20 cm 3.99 Kgs.

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