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Goya Banzai 2015


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Four Batten Powerful Crisp


The new Banzai is a worldwide worldcup performance wave sail. This new generation is lighter, more flexible and has a draft forward feeling in the hands, along with better high wind control in all sizes. Explosive low end power, direct feel, and an excellent high wind range define this sail.

All wave and wave style sailing conditions are possible with this sail, from down the line waves to onshore waves and free wave style sailing. The Banzai is a top level progressive performance power wave and jump sail. Perfectly suited to multi fin boards.

Much Lighter and More Flexible Hand-Feel

Mateo Cano:
“For this season the flex, feel and range of the Banzai has been increased dramatically. Boom lengths have been reduced significantly in sizes 4.2 up to 5.3, with the biggest change on 5.0, which is about 5 cm shorter than in previous years and this is really giving the sails a nice, light, easy handling characteristic. The low end power is still there, but the guys made it “friendlier”.

New materials in the Flex Zones of the sail give the new Banzai an even smoother and more comfortable handling characteristic while maintaining its famously crisp power.”

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