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Goya Fringe 2015


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Three Batten Featherweight


The all new Fringe is a super lightweight sail for easy handling through radical maneuvers. An all new carbon stretch control layout provides excellent stability through a big wind range; Steadiness that you won’t find elsewhere.

The Fringe is a very progressive wave sail targeting riders looking for excellent low end, wide range and effortless handling in the most radical carving conditions. It delivers a very flexible “up” lift, gets you moving and keeps you loose and incredibly reactive on the water. On top, it comes with an extra large monofilm window for easy visibility through the sail.

Surfing with a Sail

The Fringe is the closest thing to surfing with a sail. And a small sail in that, because the Fringe is a “lifting” type sail that is best used in a smaller size on a higher volume board to benefit from its surfing characteristics.

Jason Diffin:

“My goal is for the sails to have a certain feeling when new, and for the sail to keep that feeling for a very long time, years in fact if the sail is reasonably taken care of. When people think of durability they think of puncture and panel tear, but that is only part of the story. Foil integrity, to me, is a critical part of the durability package, and to achieve it, load points need to be engineered to withstand the impacts, the long term tensions and also function to disperse attachment point loads in to the body of the sail without damaging the sail. Panel distortion under load also needs to be managed in order to ensure range in the sails. Achieving this requires materials. Considering, trying and testing these assignments of materials is a big part of the fun of designing new sails for me. I’m so stoked with how much weight we’ve lost over the years, and I think there is less to come. Pun intended.”

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