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Goya Fringe 2016


  • $603.00

Surf Wave Three Batten


The new Fringe is the ultimate sail for easy handling through radical maneuvers. Excellent low end power and flexible lift gets you moving and keeps you loose and incredibly reactive on the water. A large monofilm window provides easy visibility through the sail for choosing your line through the water. Precise Stretch Control 2 in carbon provides excellent stability throughout a very large wind range.

Using a higher volume multifin board allows you to use a smaller sail size overall to maximize control and maneuverability. 

Minimalist Surf Wave Sail

The new Fringe is our progressive, minimalist super light, surf wave sail featuring fingertip handling, low end power and high wind control.

  • New refined leech outlines provide better high wind control, feel and added maneuverability
  • New sizes 5.5 and 5.7 added to the range
  • Super light super strong scrim panels
  • Woven Dacron luff panel
  • 7mil monofilm window
  • Carbon Stretch Control 2™
  • Titanium clew ring
  • Rip Stop™ sleeve
  • Molded tack fairing
  • Recommended Mast RDM 90, Budget Mast RDM 70.

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