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Goya Ninety RDM


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Goya Ninety - RDM

The Delta Quick Review: For years we have to touted that the Ezzy RDM as the ideal mast. Light, strong, fits a ton of sails, and is a reasonably priced. Now the Ezzy's are now built overseas, instead of Nolimitz, and even though we haven't had any break the finish work is not quite the same. It's enough to put a bit of a chink in the Ezzy armor, and that's where the Goya Ninety comes in.

The Goya Ninety's are still Nolimitz built, with almost the exact same amount of carbon and virtually the same bend. The only noticeable difference is that the Goya's have the ferrule in the bottom instead of the top. The other difference is that the Goya's are a couple bucks more than an Ezzy, but with that Nolimitz name still being attached to the Goya it might be worth it for the extra piece of mind.

Manufacturer's Info:



The main asset making the 90% Goya mast stronger than just about any other mast is Diagonal Flex™. It’s carefully tuned carbon content allows the 90% to bend to the amazing curves you know from laboratory photos, and Diagonal Flex™ enables the mast to twist extremely lively while in that shape, working in direct synergy with Goya sail design, be it while landing a back loop, catapulting at full speed, or floating through a closing out reef break.

The difference resulting from this feature is expressed by a very simple number: In the winter of its introduction, being the big wave season, between all Goya team riders, shops and distributors, we broke a total of three 90% Direct Drive™ masts. This was only possible through Goya’s Diagonal Flex™ technology.

No more sliding boom

Slip Grip™ is a rough surface treatment in the boom area of all Goya Direct Drive™ masts, effectively preventing your boom from sliding up and down.


The equation is very simple.

The wall thickness of a Direct Drive™ mast is about 50% stronger than that of comparable masts, while still being among the lightest weights, made possible by superb materials and aerospace industry build standards.



Goya masts have the smoothest build in the industry, resulting in extremely consistent mast bends across all sizes. Our mast layup gradually adapts to each sizing, enabaling us to keep the same bending percentages all the way from 12 IMCS on the 310 to 30 IMCS on the 490. These masts are capable of flexing effortlessly, offering outstanding durability and superior performance at the same time.

The US based factory building Goya masts operates at the highest level of composite manufacturing, with a client list including many aerospace and aeronautical companies. We take quality and consistency utmost serious


*** Individual Segments are simply half the price of a full mast. Navigating which half will be the better section to but and fit your sails can be more complicated than it should be. For this reason we prefer if you call or email us should you need to order only half a mast.***


First, you can reduce the number of masts needed to cover your range of sails, thus reducing the amount of gear to tote around. Second, mixing and matching bend curves allows you to tweak and customize the performance of your rig, a practice often overlooked and underestimated. Third, you will discover that all Goya mast tops and bottoms are interchangeable and share the same grade of pristine quality, made in the USA.

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