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Goya Nexus 2016


  • $617.00

Freeride Five batten


The heart and soul of freeride windsurfing is realized in the Nexus. Outstanding low end power, stability and easy control, blazing speed, big jumps and hard carving maneuvers, the Nexus will deliver beautifully on all of the above. Easy handling of the Nexus makes light wind sailing a lot of fun, and turns powered up sailing into a comfortable ride.

Smaller sizes of Nexus are cut with higher foots for tight maneuvering, larger sizes are cut for low speed. Nexus transforms to suit the conditions.

Power, Speed, and Maneuvers

The new Nexus is the best sail choice for power, speed and maneuvers in conditions ranging from flat water freeriding to bump and jump.

  • 5 battens through all sizes make Nexus light handling and easy maneuvering
  • Updated Stretch Control array brings stability with minimal added weight
  • Shorter luff lengths create a softer feel
  • Super light super strong scrim panels
  • X-Ply body and luff panels
  • 7mil monofilm window
  • 5mil monofilm upper window
  • Carbon Stretch Control™
  • Titanium clew ring
  • Lightweight sleeve material
  • Molded tack fairing
  • Recommend Mast RDM 70, Optional Mast SDM 70 

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