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Loft Wavescape 2016


  • $629.95

Wavescape - 4-Batten Wave

Sizes: 3.7 4.0 4.2 4.5 4.7 5.0 5.4 5.7 6.2

The Delta Quick Review: When the Wavescape first came out it immediately became one of our favorite sails. It was the first 4 batten sail to take all the elements you'd expect in a 5 batten and then place them in a lighter package. The Wavescape has the wind range and stability you'd expect  from a 5 batten sail, along with neutral handling, lightness and durability all rolled up in one sail. Through tuning it can be a great bump and jump sail, a wave sail, and even a decent freestyle sail.

The 2015/2016 version has the bottom batten end up above the boom at the clew. This makes for a straight foot that will keep out of your way in aggressive bottom turns and while ducking of the sail. The shorter luff lengths also give the sail a bit of a compact feel which is smaller riders will love as it keeps the pull of the sail closer to your hands and lessens the catapulting feel.


Manufacturer's Info:

The Wavescape is back for fans of its famous, radical new-skool riding style.

The dynamic 4-batten frame is perfect for manoeuvres and lighter air days in a range of surf conditions and promises to let all abilities of wavesailors reach new parts of the wave and achieve higher aerial performance.

Developed with super light Triax x-ply and a cross-boom foot batten, the power-to-weight ratio and explosivity is insane for progressive riders.

A fresh new look and added forward draft deliver a softer feel, extra low end power and expanded control throughout the wind range.


  • Dedicated, agile design
  • Extremely light & powerful
  • 4-batten layout maximizes stability with minimal weight
  • Neutral sensation on the wave
  • Exclusive batten taper schedules extend the wind range at both extremes
  • Full 2-mm. Triax construction for strong-yet-nimble profile



SIZE MAST BOOM Vario_Top WEIGHT Ext. Cambers Battens Reccomended_Mast
6.2 452 190 NO 3,81 22 No-Cam 4 430_RDM/SDM_TEAM_EDITION
5.7 438 182 NO 3,75 8 No-Cam 4 430 RDM/SDM TEAM EDITION
5.4 422 176 NO 3,64 22 No-Cam 4 400 RDM/SDM TEAM EDITION
5.0 404 170 NO 3,52 4 No-Cam 4 400 RDM/SDM TEAM EDITION
4.7 390 164 NO 3,37 20 No-Cam 4 370 RDM/SDM TEAM EDITION
4.5 376 162 NO 3,18 6 No-Cam 4 370 RDM/SDM TEAM EDITION
4.2 370 158 NO 3,10 30 No-Cam 4 340 RDM/SDM TEAM EDITION
4.0 360 154 YES 3,06 20 No-Cam 4 340 RDM/SDM TEAM EDITION
3.7 350 150 YES 2,91 10 No-Cam 4 340 RDM/SDM TEAM EDITION

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