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Loft Airscape 2016


  • $614.95

Airscape - Progressive Freestyle

Sizes: 4.0 4.4 4.8 5.2

The Delta Quick Review: The Airscape is designed as a full-on freestyle sail. This means it has the per-requesite forward draft to keep it light in the hands, and the pull placed higher up in the sail for more pop. But unlike a lot of other freestyle sails, the Airscape is built with a large amount of Loft's 3.5mil biax laminated film that is far more durable than the monofilm used by other brands. The result is a sail that will push you try new moves, and survive the times things don't work out as planned.

We've always felt that freestyle gear gets overlooked because of it's high-end use, but often times the reason this gear can do amazing things is that it's easier to use than regular gear. And doesn't everyone want a bit of easy?The light feel in the hands, and incredible efficiency, are things we're sure any level of rider will appreciate, and since the Airscape is as durable as other sails we think it's going to be right sail for a lot of people.


Manufacturer's Info:

The 2016 Loftsails Airscape is an exceptionally light, solid and powerful specialist freestyle sail for élite-level performance of the latest mind-bending moves.

With awesome wind range, the stable profile specializes in gusty conditions and now has even more added low-end thanks to slightly softer batten tips that subtly deepen the forward draft.


  • Dacron luff panel reinforced with integrated Kevlar strip
  • 2-mm. Triax panels for stealth and stability
  • Ultra light, ultra responsive, quick to accelerate and neutral for acrobatic moves


SIZE MAST BOOM Vario_Top WEIGHT Ext. Cambers Battens Reccomended_Mast
5.2 423 172 NO 3,29 23 No-Cam 4 400_RDM/SDM_TEAM_EDITION
4.8 408 163 NO 3,15 8 No-Cam 4 400 RDM/SDM TEAM EDITION
4.4 390 157 NO 3,01 20 No-Cam 4 370 RDM/SDM TEAM EDITION
4.0 383 152 NO 2,91 13 No-Cam 4 370 RDM/SDM TEAM EDITION

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