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Loft Oxygen 2016


  • $794.95

Oxygen - Performance No-Cam Freerace

Sizes:  9.5 8.5 7.8 7.3 6.8 6.3 5.8 5.3 4.6

The Delta Quick Review: Lots of performance with no headaches. That's what the Oxygen is all about. It has a good amount of seam shaping for a clean stable draft that will rival cam sails, just without the rigging headaches.

The Oxygen likes to have a loose leech, and like a good racy sail trimmed for speed it lets you focus on going fast without worrying about the sail. In gusts you feel the increase in speed but there's little tug on the back hand.

We love that the short luff lets you rig the 6.8 on a 430, while a 460 gets you all the way up to the 7.8. A bonus is that the Oxygen rigs well on a lot of different masts including fat and skinny. This makes the perfect big sail to add to your bump and jump quiver as odds are it will fit whatever mast you've already got.


Manufacturer's Info:

The Oxygen has lungs – it’s alive – and breathes like no other sail! 

With the pace and response of a full-on slalom rig this no-cam profile rivals all but the best for outright speed and screaming reaches that will blow your mind. 

So, unless you only race downwind, overpowered, why would you ever want cams anyway? Year after year magazine tests confirm the pedigree and how the Oxygen’s enormous tuning range delivers incredible control in a high variety of conditions for a permanently easy, efficient ride.

For 2016 the forward batten taper has been tuned for extra depth and reactivity across a wider band of use.


  • Shaped for cam-free speed & power
  • Exclusive 2-mm. Triax upper body panels resist damage and reduce weight
  • Harmonic forward-profile batten-layout for responsive, low-end drive
  • Sensitive to pumping. Constantly breathing
  • Trim firm for the upper end and top speed
  • Set soft for marginal conditions
  • Tube battens
  • RDM and SDM compatible



SIZE MAST BOOM Vario_Top WEIGHT Ext. Cambers Battens Reccomended_Mast
9.5 528 238 NO 5,40 8 No-Cam 7 520_EXPERT_RDM_(RDM/SDM)
8.5 508 226 NO 5,10 18 No-Cam 7 490 EXPERT RDM (RDM/SDM)
7.8 490 218 NO 4,87 30 No-Cam 7 460 EXPERT RDM (RDM/SDM)
7.3 472 214 NO 4,45 12 No-Cam 6 460 EXPERT RDM (RDM/SDM)
6.8 456 206 NO 4,43 26 No-Cam 6 430 EXPERT RDM (RDM/SDM)
6.3 440 198 NO 4,18 10 No-Cam 6 430 EXPERT RDM (RDM/SDM)
5.8 426 192 YES 4,06 26 No-Cam 6 400 EXPERT RDM (RDM/SDM)
5.3 414 182 YES 3,87 14 No-Cam 6 400 EXPERT RDM (RDM/SDM)
4.6 388 168 YES 3,58 18 No-Cam 6 370 EXPERT RDM (RDM/SDM)



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