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Loft Switchblade 2016


  • $879.95

3-Cam Performance Freerace

Sizes: 9.3 8.5 7.8 7.3 6.8 6.3 5.8 5.0

The Delta Quick Review: Cam sails have gotten a bad rap over the years. Their extra complexity can serve a performance advantage, but in the case of most recreational cam sails that advantage is rarely taped into. You end up buying a sail that has no more performance than a good no-cam and all the weight and hassle that comes with cams. In the case of the Loft Switchblade you're getting a recreational sail that truly puts it's cams to good use.

Compared to a no-cam the cams are still a bit of pain to rig, and there is still a weight penalty, but once you're moving on the Switchblade it gives you tons of power with a limitless top speed. Your wind range is increases at both ends of the spectrum and for once you know why you've got those plastic things on our sail.

Compared to a true race sail the differences are very light. Like a race sail, the draft moves slightly forward in gusts making it sheet in with ease and actually feel lighter in your hands as you accelerate. Where it differs from the full blown race sail is that it's lighter, and out of a gybe you don't need to violently pump the sail for it to rotate. No kicking cams into position either. For all but the highest level racer the Switchblade is going to be just as fast and whole lot easier to manage in transitions.

Manufacturer's Info:

For entry-level racers and GPS enthusiasts the Loftsails 2016 Switchblade is a weapon for serious speed on all points of sail. 

A moderate sleeve means easy rigging while the smooth Tekcams rotate like a dream. 

A firm favourite in the most demanding magazine tests, the Switchblade is smartly constructed with a forgiving, elastic, dynamic feel that delivers awesome wind range and hassle-free tuning.

If you’re an aspiring slalom star or budding speed freak, this is the perfect solution to explore the world of powered-up, deep downwind runs and pushing your PBs with super top-end control – with the security of power and glide in marginal wind or lulls.


  • Unique full IYU250, 4-part, moderate mast pocket construction
  • RDM recommended – SDM compatible
  • Slick Tekcam2 rotation. (Tekcam2 Large for SDM also supplied)
  • Metallic cam interfaces
  • Centered battens in x-ply sleeves. (Alternate pocket sides)
  • Streamlined neoprene boom cutout with dual zippers


SIZE MAST BOOM Vario_Top WEIGHT Ext. Cambers Battens Reccomended_Mast
9.3 524 236 NO 6,24 34 TekCam2 7 490_EXPERT_SDM_(RDM/SDM)
8.5 508 224 NO 6,09 18 TekCam2 7 490 EXPERT SDM (RDM/SDM)
7.8 494 216 NO 5,84 34 TekCam2 7 460 EXPERT SDM (RDM/SDM)
7.3 472 210 NO 5,37 18 TekCam2 6 460 EXPERT SDM (RDM/SDM)
6.8 458 204 NO 5,20 28 TekCam2 6 430 EXPERT SDM (RDM/SDM)
6.3 442 196 NO 5,06 12 TekCam2 6 430 EXPERT RDM (RDM/SDM)
5.8 418 192 YES 4,90 18 TekCam2 6 400 EXPERT SDM (RDM/SDM)
5.0 391
182 YES 4,50 21 TekCam2 6 370 EXPERT SDM (RDM/SDM)

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