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Mystic Majestic Harness


  • $279.99

The Majestic Bionic Core Frame is designed with a specific body mapping to create a stiff horizontal support. The roving glass fibres are constructed in multiple layers, specific fibre orientation allows the wings to flex diagonally. While the compression and impact resistance are higher, the weight stiffness ratio is slightly lower compared to carbon fibers.

The Delta Quick Review: If you think about the evolution of the harness, we've been through a lot. From the early rib-crunching chest harnesses (ouch!), to hot pink seat harnesses, to the modern-day flexible plastic harnesses, we've experienced big changes that made us more comfortable and efficient on the water. After years of stagnant design, watching companies make similar styles year after year, we finally have another innovation - the carbon and fiberglass "hardshell" harness.

For many of our customers, it's been an absolute game-changer. Back injuries and fatigue are not uncommon with windsurfers and kiters, and hardshell harnesses give your back a firm platform to push against, which encourages ab activation and allows your back muscles to rest. It also allows an extremely efficient transfer of power from sail to board, by keeping your body in line and minimizing movement. Yet the nature of the material is still flexible enough allow twisting and freedom.

The Majestic offers a similar feel to the Majestic X, but at a lower price. The material is slightly heavier and not quite as reactive, but the difference will be minimal for most riders.

We recommend this product for any windsurfer or kiter who has struggled to find a comfortable harness, has a history of back injury, enjoys a stiff harness with lots of support, or just wants to be more efficient on the water. 

*Sold without a spreader bar

Compatible Spreader Bars are listed under ADD ACCESSORIES

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