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Mystic Star

Mystic Star


  • $159.99

Star Waist Harness


4. Anatomical backplate

7. 3D contoured neoprene interior

10. Soft neoprene edges

11. Non-slip print

17. Covered side parts

26. Spreaderbar protector

27. Battle belt waist closure

33. Windsurf hook | Bananabar | Low torque fixation

Battle belt waist closure

Makes sure the harness doesn't move around while riding and stops any unwanted discomfort.
Windsurf hook | bananabar | 2 point system 

The new specialized lightweight spreaderbar holds the hook firmly in position and also prevents from tilting upwards. The webbing of the two point system is placed on different positions to spread the load more evenly over the harness.
Non-slip print

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