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North Idol LTD


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Idol LTD

Ultralight Freestyle Comp

Light, lighter and as radical as possible! The IDOL LTD is the personal pro model of freestyle record world champion Gollito Estredo. For this freestyle genius Kai Hopf has fulfilled all his wishes and created the most sophisticated, extreme freestyle production sail that we have ever built. All IDOL LTD’s are unbelievably light sails because instead of conventional X.PLY the futuristic high-tech laminate “ODL” is being used in combination with our 4mil ULTRA.FILM. These materials are 50% lighter than conventional sail cloth and push the weight to sensationally low. To clarify: The weight of IDOL LTD corresponds to a 1.5m smaller SUPER HERO / SUPER SESSION (e.g. 4.8 compares to 3.4)! 2018 all IDOL LTD generate even more performance plus and the smaller sizes are also significantly easier to control in overpowered conditions.

Idol LTD Key Features

    • HOLLOW.LOWER.LEECH (scooped leech outline) with additional MINI.BATTEN stabilizes the profile right above the boom and prevents leech flattering
    • RADIAL.LOAD.STRIPES at the clew improve the stability and extend the wind range
    • Size 5.6 to comply to reduced wind limit on PWA freestyle events
    • Size 3.6 for high wind freestyle competitions
    • Super high clew and short boom allow fastest possible ducking to avoid loosing any speed
    • Thanks to the trend setting high-tech yachting materials (ODL laminate and 4 mil ULTRA.FILM) the IDOL LTD is our lightest Freestyle sail of all time
    • Super-stretchy DACRON+ODL.DOUBLE.LUFF.PANEL enables maximum lift for all the jumps against the sail
    • 3 ultra-light TUBE.BATTENS
    • PURE.PATCH.TECHNOLOGY at the clew, luff and the batten pocket ends make for 50% weight savings compared to regular patches
    • iROCKET 2.0, NorthSails lightest batten tensioner of all time
    • Exclusively designed for RDM masts
  • Idol LTD Details

    From the second you ride on the IDOL LTD you will have a smile on your face. It feels absolutely neutral, doesn’t show any unwanted life of its own and is a feather in your hands so that you nearly forget about the sail during moves and maneuvers. This is one of the most important aspects especially for freestyle! It spins incredibly fast through all tricks even during the most difficult ducking moves and feels as if you rotate without a sail.
    The high clew and the short boom length excel at ducking so that no speed is lost. With the new IDOL LTD the success rate of difficult maneuvers and the fun increases straight away making you automatically go for even more radical moves!
    Designer Kai Hopf has designed the IDOL LTD for maximum efficiency. Compared to the regular IDOL it features a tighter leech, a reduced weight and a higher clew. Not only will maneuvers become much easier but also get performed at higher speed.
    This is due to the sophisticated profile distribution. All of these aspects are apparent over a wide wind range and you will be surprised how large the trimming capabilities are on the new IDOL LTD.
    • 2 important points:
  • 1. Even if other brands do not speak about it, we will tell the truth: ultra lightweight can only be achieved through the reduction of material thickness. Since the film thickness of the ODL laminate is reduced to the absolute minimum, the UV stability is limited. Therefore, this sail is excluded from the usual NorthSails 2+3.YEAR.WARRANTY!
  • 2. Q: Why are we still using a rather “boring” looking white film in the center panel? A: We are using a high-end monofilm called ULTRA.FILM which is lighter and stronger than any other monofilm available making the IDOL LTD the lightest monofilm Freestyle sail on the market . Unfortunately this high-end monofilm is only available in white color.

    Idol LTD Presentation Video:

  • Idol LTD Tech Specs

    SIZE 3,6 4,0 4,4 4,8 5,2 5,6
    Boom max (cm) 142 150 155 156 170 174
    Luff max (cm) 374 378 399 419 435 445
    Vario top
    Battens 4 4 4 4 4 4
    Weight (kg) 2.40 2.55 2.70 2.90 3.00 3.15
    Mast Type (Best/Alt.) Platinum /
    Platinum /
    Platinum /
    Platinum /
    Platinum /
    Platinum /
    Mast Geo (Best/Alt.) RDM/– RDM/– RDM/– RDM/– RDM/– RDM/–
    Mast Length (Best/Alt.) 340/370 370 370 400 430/400 430

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