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Patrik F-Ride


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Patrik F (Free) Ride

The Delta Quick Review: There as been a lot of changes in the Freeride market over the last few years. The Patrik F-Ride has held true to the more traditional Freeride shape taking a Pro level Slalom boards and toning it down for recreational riders. In this case being toned down means the F-Ride cruises across chop a lot more smoothly than a Slalom board, and initiates gybes without any fear of tripping up on the rail. Especially when set up in the outboard strap setting the F-Ride has remarkable speed and acceleration. It just doesn't get unruly if you push too hard. It's the board of choice for riders looking to blast past their buddies, but do so all day long without the taxing effort and pain that a true Slalom board will demand.

Manufacturer Info:

Our Freeride designs are built for long term. Therefore, nothing has changed except for a shorter name and a refreshed look. The f-rides were tested over a two year development cycle with direct input from a select group of freeriders in combination with Patrik’s wealth of experience. The shapes are specifically designed to be more comfortable and user-friendly in all aspects of freeriding, including early planing, controlled blasting and easy gybing.

The lightweight construction adds to the early planing and easy gybing characteristics, whilst also improving acceleration and top speed – something you probably won’t feel whilst out on the water alone due to the easy going shape, but line up next to your friends and you will soon notice the difference! Offering only one construction may astonish many people, but we only want the best for our customers without compromise. The full carbon/kevlar deck and bottom is not only light, but it is incredibly tough and long lasting at the same time.

PATRIK f-ride: We do not have an LTD, a TE, an Air, a Gold or any other special edition. We believe in supplying you with a board that is the best it can possibly be for its specific use. So there is no room for any other models in our line! >> This may not be the mainstream way, but this is the PATRIK way!

Shape Details


A well balanced curve, which has proven to be extremely comfortable in its application. Due to the lightweight construction, the flat section in the tail has been drawn out, which makes the board more stable and controllable whilst also offering earlier planing and increased drive through the gybe.


Slightly longer in length for earlier planing and a narrower width for increased control and more responsive rail-to-rail maneuverability in the gybe. The narrower width also makes the board feel more comfortable with increased control resulting from a more board centered body position.


V with double concaves and side flats in both the nose and directly beneath the mast track to provide a softer and more controllable ride. Flat V in the tail area for easy rail-to-rail maneuverability and smooth water release for early planing, acceleration and a good top speed.


Moderately domed deck throughout for superior comfort underfoot in every situation.


Thin up front to reduce weight. Boxy rails in the mid section for balance, stability and additional float during the gybes. Slightly boxy in the tail for increased support and a more comfortable foot position in the straps.


Exterior position for more leverage power for more performance and more ambitious sailing style. Interior position for more control and handling for riders who love the true comfort.


Just like for our wave, freestyle and freestyle-wave series, we are convinced that also a freeride boards needs a stable and long lasting construction.  Nobody wants to miss a windsurfing session due to a broken board. The PATRIK carbon / kevlar construction in the deck and bottom is not only very stable and insensitive, but also very light. This results in a better performance. Additionally, this construction is extremely long lasting, which will guarantee you much joy with your PATRIK board for a long time.

To allow the lightest possible finish, match our uniform graphic identity and protect the kevlar from harsh UV-rays, both the deck and bottom is laminated with black resin and finished with a white coat which is then sanded back by about 75%.

Technology Composite Semi Custom Sandwich
Core Material EPS (Styrofoam)
Sandwich Material PVC Sheet
Final Lamination Deck: Full Carbon/Kevlar 90°-90° (Black Resin) / Bottom: Full Carbon/Kevlar 90°-90° (Black Resin)



Tail Width
at 300
Nose Width
at 2000
Options &
Insert Holes
Fin Box
f-ride 125 2510 675 125 443 583 6,9 8X4 4 Power
f-ride 135 2520 715 135 479 624 7,2 8X4 4 Power
f-ride 145 2530 755 145 512 668 7,6 8X4 4 Power
f-ride 155 2540 795 155 543 714 7,9 8X4 4 Power

Range of Use

Sailor Type (S)
–/= 70kg / 170cm
Sailor Type (M)
70-90kg / 170-190cm
Sailor Type (L)
=/+ 90kg / =/+ 190cm
uphaul, gliding all reaches
waterstart, strap & harness, first jibes
Ideal Wind Strength
/ Sailor Type
–/= 15 knt
Ideal Wind Strength
/ Sailor Type
15-25 knt
Ideal Wind Strength
/ Sailor Type
=/+ 25 knt
flatwater / chop: –/= 1m chop / wind waves: –/= 2.5m
f-ride 125 X X X X X S/M S/M/L M/L X X
f-ride 135 X X X X X S/M/L S/M/L L X X
f-ride 145 X X X X X S/M/L M/L X X
f-ride 155 X X X X X S/M/L M/L X X

Range of Use |

Sails and Fins

Sail Size
Fin Size
f-ride 125 6.5-8.0 6.0-8.5 400 340-440
f-ride 135 7.0-8.5 6.0-9.0 440 360-480
f-ride 145 7.5-9.0 6.0-9.5 480 380-520
f-ride 155 8.0-9.5 6.0-10.0 500 400-540

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