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Patrik Formula


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Exactly a decade ago, Patrik put his first formula board into production and today he is the only shaper who has supported this discipline by continuing to design, shape and register a formula design at every possible registration date. This substantial period of continued development has allowed Patrik to maintain a race-winning formula board. Whilst the revolutionary invert-V feature has changed the way the new FV3 rides, it has also opened up new doors for Patrik to experiment with new shapes, which all equates to a noticeable leap forward in performance this year.

“The formula design was my entry ticket into the shaping scene and today I’m still fascinated by this unique discipline. Recently someone reminded me that ever since my very first production formula design, I remain the only shaper not to have missed out on registering a formula board since. It makes me proud to know that many other brands have had to stop with their formula designs or had to change shaper in order to keep up! I hope you enjoy reading about the new FV3 – I’m sure you’d enjoy riding this new evolution of PATRIK Formula design even more!”


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