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Patrik Freeride F-Ride


  • $2,399.00

Our Freeride designs are built for long term. Therefore, nothing has changed except for a shorter name and a refreshed look. The f-rides were tested over a two year development cycle with direct input from a select group of freeriders in combination with Patrik’s wealth of experience. The shapes are specifically designed to be more comfortable and user-friendly in all aspects of freeriding, including early planing, controlled blasting and easy gybing.

The lightweight construction adds to the early planing and easy gybing characteristics, whilst also improving acceleration and top speed – something you probably won’t feel whilst out on the water alone due to the easy going shape, but line up next to your friends and you will soon notice the difference! Offering only one construction may astonish many people, but we only want the best for our customers without compromise. The full carbon/kevlar deck and bottom is not only light, but it is incredibly tough and long lasting at the same time.


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