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Patrik F-Style GBM


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Patrik F (Free) Style

The Delta Quick Review: A lot of today's Freestyle boards are so focused on air moves and doubles that they've lost a lot of "normal" performance. In the F-style you've got a shape that top pro's like Balz Muller and Tonky Frans are using to reach new heights in the PWA, but one that also can help out aspiring freestylers, and even just back and forthers as well.

It's the extra nose width that seems to balance it's performance, making it a board that is stable when landed backwards, and keeps from nose diving at a moments notice. The width also seems to help mid-gybe, as  going across chop it just keeps planing where the less powerful noses get bogged down as they pierce bumps.

The other thing that helps give the Patrik Freestyle more all-around appeal is it's speed. It can easily fight a flood, and height to your jumps or give you the opportunity to go all-out just like Balz.

And in case you were curious who Balz Muller is here's a video of him and his buddy Nic to give you an idea? Balz is the one on the Severne sail wearing a helmet, and Nic is the long-haired guy on the Gasstra..

All I can say is Balz seems to have been named very appropriately! And you may want to tturn the volume down if you're not into punk.

Manufacturers Info:

It is done and as promised, we only change a shape when the successor is really better. We are now ready to launch a whole new board concept with plenty of changes!

New shape curves and theirs combinations allowed us to develop a much shorter board, which still gained in overall performance. If you know Patrik’s shapes you will probably not doubt the general performance like planing, acceleration, speed, pop and slide. But the new blend with a length of only 222 cm truly opens new dimensions on the water and in the air.

Well, that sounds like a dream but when you ride along for the first time you will understand the difference and latest after you launched into the first power move, you will loose your mind and start thinking about possible new moves and combinations.

Besides the improvement of the shape, our monochrome bionic graphic shell mutated and an undefined color appears on the surface, which sometimes seems to be grey and than changes to blue and green depending on the light and angle you look at it.

PATRIK f-tyle: The most creative surfer with the most creative shapes will discover new limits.

Shape Details


The development of our new slalom boards gave us new ideas for the f-style. Therefore, our new bottom curve balances out the performance we compromised with the new short outline. The very flat nose curve is remarkable, since it is especially designed to have a better water flow in this normally very curved area. The smoother water flow increases the backwards sliding speed for double-sliding rotations and the release for backward-sliding pop.


The new short outline especially improves the control and rotation speed on the water and in the air. Due to this improvement. we were able to widen the nose width to maintain the air-lift under the nose for higher jumps. The wider nose area also helps to support the weight when sliding backwards and double-sliding moves become easier. The “kink” in the tail outline reduces the wetted surface area for increased acceleration, top speed and better pop.


Also for the new shape the flat panel V still proved to be the best all-in-one bottom shape for early planing performance, great acceleration and top speed. It also ensures that the board remains reactive from rail-to-rail and that it slides easily for multiple spins. Since the shorter board is easier to control, we were able to reduce the V in the tail to have the board riding a bit higher on top of the water which helps planing, acceleration and top speed.


The dome in the deck area around the back footstrap was increased and gives more essential grip under the feet. A bit thicker tail gives more volume and height under the back foot and supports earlier planing and allows to push more against the tail to accelerate and pop.  At the front footstrap and mast-track area we kept a flatter deck to increase the comfort when riding switch or not standing in the straps.


As we gained more control due to the shorter length we were able to make the rail in the tail a bit sharper and thicker which improves planing, acceleration and top speed. We also reduced the tucked under edge (roundness of the rail) to increase the planing, acceleration and top speed even more and gain maximum speed for fast sliding and power moves.

The shorter and thinner nose area reduces weight. One of the hidden shape features is the sharp nose rail to have a much better water release when sliding or popping over the nose. This increases the backward sliding speed and pop a lot.


A variety of inserts in the front allow riders to alter the angle and width of the footstraps to suit their style and foot size.


It is obvious that these boards need to be ready to take all kinds of impact from moves that do not go quite as planned. And, as tough as we make them, it is just not possible to avoid damage altogether, especially when the board is pushed to the extremes. However, we can proudly say that we probably have the strongest boards on the market. Carbon / kevlar is the material combination we choose for both the deck and bottom to build a light and solid board that still allows some flexibility. To protect the kevlar from harsh UV-rays, allow the lightest possible finish and match our uniform graphic identity, the fibre is laminated with black resin and finished with a white coat which is sanded back by around 75 %.

Technology Composite Semi Custom Sandwich
Core Material EPS (Styrofoam)
Sandwich Material PVC Sheet
Final Lamination Deck: Full Carbon/Kevlar 90°-90° (Black Resin) / Bottom: Full Carbon/Kevlar 90°-90° (Black Resin)



Tail Width
at 300
Nose Width
at 2000
Options &
Insert Holes
Fin Box Approved
f-style 85 2220 580 85 385 380 5,8 5×4 3 Power PWA
f-style 93 2220 607 93 399 411 6 5×4 3 Power PWA
f-style 101 2220 637 101 438 431 6,3 5×4 3 Power PWA
f-style 109 2240 675 109 455 462 6,6 5×4 3 Power PWA

Range of Use

Sailor (S)
–/= 70kg / –/= 170cm
Sailor (M)
70-90kg / 170-190cm
Sailor (L)
+/= 90kg / +/= 190cm
Sailor Skills

moves, waves, speed

Ideal Wind Strength
/ Sailor Type
–/= 15 knt
Ideal Wind Strength
/ Sailor Type
15-25 knt
Ideal Wind Strength
/ Sailor Type
+/= 25 knt
flatwater / chop:
–/= 1m
chop / wind waves: +/= 2.5m
f-style 85 X X X S S/M S/M X X
f-style 93 X X X X S S/M S/M X X
f-style 101 X X X X S/M S/M/L M/L X X
f-style 109 X X X M/L M/L L X X

Range of Use | Sails and Fins

Sail Size
Fin Size
f-style 85 3.5-5.0 3.0-5.5 160 140-200
f-style 93 3.5-5.5 3.0-6.0 180 140-220
f-style 101 4.5-6.0 4.0-6.5 200 160-240
f-style 109 5.0-6.5 4.5-7.0 220 180-260

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