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Patrik F-Cross GBM


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Patrik F (FreeWave) Cross

The Delta Quick Review: Patirk Diethlem knows how to make a fast board, and the F-Cross puts speed back under the feet of riders simply looking to have fun. Like all Patirk boards, the more skill and effort you put into them the more you get out of them. If you know how to gybe well, the Patrik will plane deeper through a tight turn than any other FreestyleWave or Bump and Jump board on the market. It's speed is close to that of a slalom board, and like a slalom board it eats up chop if you're willing to keep sheeted in and power over the chop. In other words if you love to sail all out, and push yourself and your board, the F-Cross is one of the few FreeWave or Bump and Jump boards that will keep begging for more.

Manufacturer Info:

The name Freestye Wave might have confused some people, but this board simply belongs to the family of crossovers-boards also named freemove- or bump & jump-boards. Anyway, this board has simply a fun riding shape, which even gives pro-windsurfers a smile on their face when they remember back what windsurfing is all about! It brings up the feeling which we would call fun, soul, excitement, adrenalin, or whatever word to describe the feeling which makes you happy.

Windsurfing gives you the opportunity to recharge your batteries and re-motivate yourself by getting away from the everyday stresses of life and do what you really enjoy doing the most. Our new-named crossover shape helps you to achieve this in any conditions. Set it up with three straps for bump & jump, ride a few waves or bust out a few freestyle tricks. Set it up with four straps to gain more leverage over the rail to hit some adrenalin pumping speeds and blast straight past your mates. And if that is not enough, slot in a slalom fin and challenge the fastest slalom boards on the water.

PATRIK f-cross : Take your time – use it and get a smile on your face.


Shape Details


A blend of wave and slalom rockers to give each board the versatility that is required for its range of use. Hints of slalom for performance and wave for control and maneuverability.
f-cross 86 Increased tail rocker to gain additional wave performance.
f-cross 93 Minimal tail rocker to achieve an equal performance ratio between early planing, acceleration, top speed, control and maneuverability.
f-cross 102 | 112 Zero tail rocker for extremely early planing, acceleration, top speed and flat water maneuverability.


A harmonic outline with no extreme features – just a nice and clean, well-balanced curve from tail to nose for the most versatile range of use.


V with double concave and side flats in the nose area and under the mastrack to provide a slightly softer and more controllable ride. Flat V in the tail area for easy rail-to-rail maneuverability and top speed.


A nice domed deck in the nose and the middle section to harmonize with the rail and hold the volume. Increased dome in the tail for better foot positioning and grip in the straps.


Thin rails in the nose area to reduce weight. Thinner and sharper rails in the tail for increased grip in the turn and a clean water release for performance.
f-cross 86 | 93 Oversized wave rails in the mid-section to maintain wave characteristics but enough flotation to avoid the rail from digging too far into the water.
f-cross 102 | 112 Boxy rails in the mid-section for increased flotation and balance support during gybes and flat water maneuvers.



Tail Width
at 300
Nose Width
at 2000
Options &
Insert Holes
Fin Box
f-cross 86 2340 585 86 375 445 5,9 7×4 4 Power
f-cross 93 2350 605 93 390 462 6,2 7×4 4 Power
f-cross 102 2360 625 102 406 495 6,4 7×4 4 Power
f-cross 112 2370 645 112 426 516 6,7 7×4 4 Power

Range of use

Sailor Type (S)
–/= 70kg / –/= 170cm
Sailor Type (M)
70-90kg / 170-190cm
Sailor Type (L)
=/+ 90kg / =/+ 190cm
uphaul, gliding all reaches
waterstart, strap & harness, first jibes
moves, waves, speed
Ideal Wind Strength
/ Sailor Type
–/= 15 knt
Ideal Wind Strength
/ Sailor Type
15-25 knt
Ideal Wind Strength
/ Sailor Type
=/+ 25 knt
flatwater / chop: –/= 1m chop / wind waves: –/= 2.5m wind waves / swell: =/+ 2.5m
f-cross 86 X X X X X S S/M S/M/L X X X
f-cross 93 X X X X X S S/M M/L X X X
f-cross 102 X X X X X S/M M/L M/L X X X
f-cross 112 X X X X X X S/M M/L L X X

Range of use |

Sails and Fins

Sail Size
Fin Size
f-cross 86 4.5-6.0 4.0-6.5 260 160-220 220-260 240-300
f-cross 93 5.0-6.5 4.5-7.0 280 160-230 240-280 260-320
f-cross 102 5.5-7.0 5.0-7.5 300 160-240 260-300 280-340
f-cross 112 6.0-7.5 5.5-8.0 320 160-250 280-320 300-360

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