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2016 Quatro Sphere Thruster


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Shop's Choice: Quatro's reputation as a brand making the best wave boards is well renowned. But their reputation for Freestyle Wave's (FSW) is not quite as stellar. The Tetra is supposed to be their freestyle wave this year yet once again it left us looking for more. As luck would have it we found that "more" when we were able to get a chance to ride Quatro's new Sphere. While it may not be a true freestyle wave, we found a board that seems closer than anything else they are making. It certainly can turn tight like a wave board, but it keeps speed through those turns and has the straight line speed you'd expect to find in an FSW's. The one thing it lacks to be a true FSW is a touch of planing power, but for that sacrifice you get a ride that's smoother than any freestyle wave's. If you love a board that wants to turn, and have a bigger board for moderate winds, the Sphere is an amazing board for big winds and big ebbs. Of course if you check out the shots Camile riding in the Sphere in the waves you might not be surprised that it will work out pretty well here as well.

Manufaturer's Info:

Keith Teboul: “With the Sphere I was looking to enhance the ease of turning while at the same time not losing that boosting low-end torque and its thrilling top end speed."


It will really bring the benefits of the Thruster concept home for you with ease. Yet it allows you to push your limits time and again, offering tons of speed for flowing moves. I stuck to a vee bottom for early planing and a double concave to soften the ride at high speeds and then worked meticulously on the rail foiling, ending up having the rails faster from nose to tail to make the board feel distinctly crisp and responsive. I incorporated all the latest Quatro features into this shape, from foam flow, to where you are standing on the board in relation to the multi fin setup, to the tail rockers bringing a very modern concept to the board.”

MFC TF Tri Fin

The TF is MFC’s staple Thruster fin setup. Staple as in everybody is using it. From the biggest names in the PWA and AWT to legions of sailors all over the world, this is the ultimate modern Thruster setup.


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