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Starboard Aluminum Foils


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Starboard Aluminum Foil

The Delta Quick Review: As you may expect from Starboard when they decided to offer windsurfing foils, they came to market with an innovative system to cover a vast array of users, and conditions. While they have put together 4 convenient packages with the Freeride, Ultra, Slalom, GT, and Race. Really these are just  suggestions as Starboard gives you the ability to build your own perfect foil. They have a variety of masts, fuselages and wings that are all interchangeable so you can put them together however you see fit. Got a narrower board? Go with the shorter mast. Want something incredibly stable? Choose the longer fuselage. Want to save some money? Get the aluminum mast. Need something for very light winds? Use the larger wings. Wind picked up? Switch out to the smaller wings and keep on, keeping on. This modular design allows you to progress without having to buy a complete new foil system every time you improve. You buy the perfect foil to get you going, and then simply change out a part or two to keep you on your ideal foil.


Starboard Foils: an open, modular foil platform.

Wings, fuselages and masts can be interchanged or upgraded to match rider style, budget, foil racing conditions and sport discipline.

We’ve put together foil sets ready to fly right out of the box - the Freeride, Slalom, Race, the GT and the Ultra.


The GT is the sports model. This set uses a short aluminum mast for a lower, easier flight and larger wings for more stability and easier take-off in lighter winds.


Mast: ALuminium 75cm | Fuselage: Aluminium 75cm | Front Wing: Carbon 800cm2 | Tail Wing: Carbon 330cm2


    The freeride model. This set uses a short aluminium mast for a lower, easier flight and our largest, thickest wings for more stability, smoother acceleration and the most controllable flight.

  • Freeride Aluminum Components:

    Mast: Aluminium 75cm | Fuselage: Aluminium 75cm | Front Wing: Carbon 1100cm2 | Tail Wing: Carbon 500cm2

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