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Starboard Flare Freestyle


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Starboard Flare

The Delta Quick Review: We love freestyle, but we don't love boards that are so dedicated to freestyle that you can't have fun railing a swell or just blasting around on a warm August night. The Flare lets us push ourselves with new moves, but it's still a fun fast planing board that lets you cruise a moderate wind day without fear of getting schlogging downwind in a flood. For 2018 the outline has been changed to make the board a bit more reactive, meaning it carves better and is quicker to navigate chop. The LCF construction is as light as other brands Pro/Team constructions while also having be less of an impact environmentally. To top it off the LCF construction also costs a bit less than other Pro/Team constructions. But if you really need to have the ultimate board, the Reflex construction gives you the absolute lightest board you will find taking away all your excuses.

Manufacturer's Info:


Our dedicated freestyle board, the weapon of choice of PWA Freestyle World Champions Dieter van der Eyken and Sarah-Quita Offringa.

The all-new 2018 Flare shapes have a new volume distribution with the thickest point of the board pushed back and a thinner, more aerodynamic nose. The outlines and bottom shapes have also been upgraded to make the new Flares more compact than ever. A new Flare 113 is also added to the range for lighter days or bigger riders.

All boards come with Drake Ready to Freestyle fin fitted to a Power Box. Fin sizes have been increased by 1 cm compared to 2017 to improve speed and grip.



The new Flare 93 is 5 cm shorter and 1 cm wider than last year's model, with a rounder nose outline to increase control and reactivity in rotations.
The new Flare 103 has a narrower outline in between the straps, making the board more nervous and reactive.
The Flare 113 is all new for 2018. It is a scaled-up version of the new Flare 103 at 68 cm wide for heavier riders and lighter winds.


For 2018, the thickest point of the board has been pushed back further for more volume under your back foot and ultimately more pop and more forgiveness in sliding maneuvers.
The Flare 93 is up to 1.2 cm thicker at its thickest point while the Flare 103 is 0.5 cm thicker at its thickest point.



The Flare 93 has slightly more Vee running from the front of the back footstrap all the way to the front. This helps to cushion landings and improve comfort.
The Flare 103 actually has slightly less Vee throughout to match the Vee distribution of its little sister, and in turn, increase lateral stability and improve pop.


The Flares have a light tail kick, a 35cm long flat and a very low nose scoop, which we call a Bullet Nose; they give the Flares extra speed and control.


The 2018 Flares are supplied with a Drake Ready to Freestyle fin by LSD, fitted into a Power Box for the most secure and strongest fit available today.
The Drake Ready to Freestyle fin by LSD provides a whole lot of grip in a small size. The fin's profile and leading edge angle provide speed and lift for all the modern freestyle moves.


The 2018 Flares feature 10mm thick footpads with a new diamond-grooving pattern that provides grip and comfort over extended sessions while being more resistant to wear and tear.
They also come with a new generation of Drake Deluxe footstraps, where the top cover is made from recycled plastic bottles, in partnership with Waste2Wear. The Drake footstraps are strong and comfortable, with strap-size indicators for easy and uniform adjustments.


The Flares are available in our new carbon construction designed for the lightest weight but also the lowest carbon footprint.
At 86 kg of CO2 emissions for a 117 liter board, Carbon L.C.F. is our most environmentally-friendly board yet, using bio resin and our exclusive end-grain Balsa sandwich core.


The Flares are also available in Carbon Reflex, our lightest, most exclusive and limited edition flagship construction using the lightest biaxial carbon.
They offer more feel, more responsiveness and more flex than conventional boards. The Carbon Reflex is limited in stock, built to order with a four month delivery lead time.

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Flare 81

Flare 93

Flare 103

Flare 113







227 cm

223 cm

224 cm

224 cm


57.6 cm

63 cm

65 cm

68.5 cm

Tail Width

37.5 cm

39.3 cm

41.0 cm

43.2 cm


9.7 cm

12.7 cm

13 cm

Bottom Shape (Tail to Nose)

Flat Vee

Flat Vee

Flat Vee

Flat Vee

Footstrap Rows






Drake 17 Ready to Freestyle

Drake 18 Ready to Freestyle

Drake 19 Ready to Freestyle

Drake 20 Ready to Freestyle


Power Box

Power Box

Power Box

Power Box

Fin Range

15 - 19

16 - 20

17 - 21

18 - 22

Sail Range

2.5m² - 5.5m²

4.5m² - 6.0m²

5.0m² - 6.5m²

5.5m² - 7.0m²

Weight (Carbon L.C.F.)

6.00 kg

6.40 kg

6.70 kg

6.90 kg

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