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Tricktionary 3 - Windsurfing Bible


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Tricktionary 3 - Windsurfing Bible

The Delta Quick Review:  Our resident guru Derek Rijff was one of the contributors to the updated Tricktionary so it's no surprise that we think this book is amazing. The new Tricktionary 3 is by far the most comprehensive source of windsurfing information ever gathered together in one source. The photos are incredible, and the content includes things relevant to everyone from a rank beginner to PWA hopeful. There is still a focus on all the latest freestyle moves the original Tricktionary focused on, but now there are also greatly expanded sections for beginners and waves as well. There's even a slalom section! Using the pictures as well as all the written tips, this latest version of Tricktionary will help you take your windsurfing to incredible new heights.

Manufacturer's Info:

After more than 3 years, finally this extremely comprehensive brand new Windsurfing Tricktionary book is finished! Countless hours of detail work have gone into this book and I believe it is important to have and study for windsurfers of every level!

What's new:

  • 480 pages (188 more than Tricktionary 2 and +250 pages more than Tricktionary 1!)
  • 7 main chapters: Basics, Slalom, Light Wind Freestyle, Planing Freestyle, Jumping Freestyle, Power Freestyle, Wave
  • Extremly detailed high focus moves: Superbasics, Fast Tack, Power Jibe, Duck Jibe, 360s, Chop Hop, Speed Loop, Air Jibe, Wave Basics, Wave Riding
  • Important: More than half of the book consists of non-jumping moves/topics!


  • Equipment overview, trim and tuning guide
  • Expanded beginner part
  • Beachstart and Waterstart are focus-chapters!
  • Very detailed Basic Shortboarding part with planing, posture, trim and other technique tips
  • Safe Windsurfing
  • Kids & Youth special


  • Rigging slalom sails
  • Huge gear tuning section
  • Trim Troubleshooting guide
  • Start and jibing tactics


  • Completely renewed with lots of never seen tips and tricks.
  • Sail Chi (sail handling exercises ashore)
  • All the basics like Clew First, Fin First, Back to Back, Backwinded
  • All the Non Planing Tacks, Non Planing Jibes, Non Planing Upwind and Downwind 360s and many more.
  • Flowstyle chapter with Caesar Finies
  • Railriding


  • Tacks, Jibes and Oldschool Moves in this chapter
  • Very important focus moves in detail, such as Fast Tack, Power Jibe, Duck Jibe, 360s


  • Focus moves in detail such as Jumping Basics, Chop Hop, Speed Loop, Air Jibe
  • Also expanded alternative jumping freestyle entrance moves such as Willy Skipper, Flaka, Clew First Puneta
  • All other Jumping moves and their Variations in subchapters such as Spocks, Grubbies, Willy Skippers, Flakas, Ponches, Shakas, Shove it's, Esliders, PUnetas, Chachoos, Funnells, Bob, Toad, Clocks and Kicker moves.


  • Power Freestyle Superbasics with Ducking normal stance and switch stance
  • All the latest "Power Moves" seen in the World Cup
  • Big Air Power Moves


  • Strongly enhanced wave basics chapter
  • Wave riding in never seen detail
  • Wave jumping basics
  • All the Wave jumping moves
  • Special Wave jumps such as Cheese Roll Back Loop or Push Forward

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