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Ezzy Downhaul Tack Pulley

Ezzy Downhaul Tack Pulley


  • $20.00

Ezzy Downhaul Tack Pulley

Just like his sail David Ezzy set out to design a sail pulley that was far superior in quality ot anything else on the market. What he came up with is removable, CNC 316 stainless steel tack pulley offers easy installation, and even easier smooth, frictionless downhauling. The 3 rollers are all separated so there is no friction from opposing rollers and no way for the rope to jump off and bind.

Perhaps the best feature though is that it can be retro fit to other brands of sails as a replacement to lesser pulley designs. Should your pulley have corroded and broken off, leaving you with a perfectly good sail that can't be rigged, odds are the Ezzy pulley can get you back on the water.

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